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iMenu Marketer Pro Review

iMenu Marketer Pro is an upgrade to iMenu Marketer. To learn more about the latter read the following review post:

IMenu Marketer Review

Additional features of iMenu marketer pro

Additional Pages

Older version had limitation of number of pages for the menu. iMenu Marketer PRO allows to include 12 menu pages and has the option to connect multiple menus together.

integrated reputation marketing

Customers seek reviews before booking on various review sites like TripAdvisor. Hence positive reviews have become critical for any business. iMenu Marketer Pro includes a reputation marketing module. It enables for positive reviews online barring all the negative ones.

How it works

  • Ask for Feedback
iMenu Marketer Pro
  • Filter responses: Filters the responses according to feedback rating
iMenu Marketer Pro
  • Call to action: Stops any unhappy customers in their tracks and makes it super-easy for happy customers to post positive reviews on TripAdvisor (or other review sites).
iMenu Marketer Pro

why should you upgrade?

It adds value

Benefits of adding more pages with potentially UNLIMITED page menus and an automated Reputation Marketing.

Higher earning potential

By adding more value you can increase your earning potential and increase the earning potential of your clients.

Seals the deal

The flexibility of potentially UNLIMITED menu pages with the automated reputation marketing system makes the proposition to local businesses a complete a win win.

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