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iMenu Marketer Review

Last updated on August 14, 2020

Amid the current Coronavirus pandemic situation, the whole economy has suffered a blow. In the reopening process after lockdown, there is a major problem faced by restaurants and cafe owners: handing out and sharing physical menus may not be permitted anywhere for the foreseeable future. iMENU MARKETER comes to the rescue in this situation.

Benefits of iMenu Marketer?

New User experience to customers

The menus designed by iMenu Marketer are super-easy to navigate, lead your customers to check-in on Facebook, order drinks, then food and the PRO version has an inbuilt review module.

Encourages Facebook check-ins

Customers are encouraged to check-in on Facebook. If the customer likes the food, he/ she may act as a referrer of your business thus generating free promotion.

Builds customer lists

iMENU MARKETER enables business owners to build customer lists which in turn helps in email marketing. You can send promos, special offers, newsletters etc. to your customer base via this email list.

Helps servers/ waiters

The waiters/ servers are less prone to contact with the customers. This ensures their safety from corona like situations.

Works on all devices

iMENUs are fully mobile responsive and adjusts to any screen size. The menus are fast-loading and work flawlessly on ALL devices. In addition, the IMENU MARKETER system is cloud-based which means you can create iMENUs on ANY internet-connected device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What technical skills do I need to create an iMenu?

Nothing. It’s just copy and paste design.

How many online menus I can create?

Your licence enables you to create UNLIMITED iMenus.

Can I build iMENUs on a MAC?

Yes. iMENU MARKETER is a cloud-based system so you can build iMENUs on ANY internet-connected device including a mobile phone.

Will this work with WordPress?

The iMENU MARKETER software generates fast-loading HTML menus that are independent of a client’s main website.

Don’t wait…try it…love it

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