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LeadsGorilla Review

Why leadsGorilla?

Growing your business can be challenging if you are not keeping up with the competition. Every business, big or small, nowadays is shifting to digital marketing. LeadsGorilla, as the name suggests, is a software that helps service providers generate business leads, who are in desperate need of digital marketing.

To clarify the point, let’s take an example of a small business that is facing challenges in its growth. The reasons can be many like:

  • People do not know about the business
  • The business does not have a website
  • It may not have a phone number or email if
  • It may not be registered on Google My Business (GMB)
  • It may not have a Facebook Business page
  • The business may not have a defined marketing model
  • The reviews or ratings may be poor, etc.

LeadsGorilla comes in handy to find out such local businesses that may not know they need a marketing strategy, and it’s an opportunity for you to offer them services (website building, email marketing, social media marketing, etc.) and turn them into prospective clients.

How does leadsGorilla work?

LeadsGorilla works on the following three step formula:

Searching and analyzing

  • Finds Targeted Leads from Facebook Pages, Facebook Places, and Google Maps for You
  • Identifies and Analyzes Ranking Factors for Any Local Business ACTIVE On Google or Facebook

Proprietary LeadsScore Technology provided with LeadsGorilla gives a score to businesses and makes it easier to identifies profitable and easy-to-sell clients for you. The lower the score the easier it is to close a deal with the client.

Customized reports and optimized lead magnets generation

On the basis of the analysis, a customized report of the business is generated. This helps in understanding their weak areas and in turn providing opportunities in the form of lead magnets to give to the clients.

Email marketing and DFY Swipes

With the built-in email marketing and DFY Swipes tools inside LeadsGorilla, all the generated reports along with the qualified lead magnets are reached out to the clients.

Advantages of LeadsGorilla

  • User friendly and easy to use dashboard
  • High quality and highly optimized reports generation
  • High converting DFY client closing emails templates optimized for local marketing
  • Works worldwide
  • Video trainings included
  • If you want to get prequalified local leads you don’t have to pay monthly for LeadsGorilla Standard
  • Leads Gorilla can help all these businesses struggling from the crisis today: restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, mechanics, legal, pet shops and many other local brands

LeadsGorilla one-time- offers on launch

Do check out the following launch offers before the price hike and harness the software’s benefits to it’s maximum.

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