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Profilemate Review: Extract Leads from Instagram

Last updated on October 18, 2020

Rating: 5 out of 5.

As marketers and business owners, we talk about lead generation all the time. Leads refer to any information about our prospects so that we can follow up with them for sales. Email marketing is considered as the most powerful strategy for any business to get conversions. But what if we are just starting out and have no email list? Today I bring you a very powerful tool to collect leads. In this Profilemate review post I’ll walk you through the software’s benefits, features, limitations, and value for money.

Why Profilemate?

What do we do when we want to generate leads for our business or marketing? We generally go for paid ads. Considering that you don’t have enough budget for ad spends, the best solution is to invest only once in Profilemate. This software helps you get hundreds and thousands of emails, phone numbers & other details shred by the users publicly, for free of any Instagram page followers.

Creator of Profilemate

Luke Maguire, of Social Media Mansion, is from Australia and has developed software solutions, for over 3 years, for social media marketers that help solve problems that have never been solved before.

3 Easy Steps of Profilemate

Profilemate Demo Video

Profilemate Demo Video

Benefits of Profilemate

Instagram’s Reach

Instagram is the fastest-growing social media platform in the digital world. It is an age of influencers. The more fan following you have the more popular you become. And to add to the benefit, most people tend to buy from Instagram. Wouldn’t it be wise to tap this opportunity and grab maximum buyers for your business?

With Profilemate you can do just that. You can increase your list of prospective leads. And you can do this just in a few clicks, without running any ads and spending hefty money.

No Technical Skills Needed

Profilemate is 100% user-friendly and any beginner without any technical knowledge can use it. The user interface is simple and the dashboard is pretty self-explanatory.

100% Automated

Profilemate removes the need to manually go through hundreds, thousands or even millions of profiles to find out who to contact. It does this for you, giving you a list of ALL the key information needed

Competitor Analysis

With Profilemate, you can analyse your competitors followers. It will show you ANY competitors followers details – i.e. enter ANY page that would have a customer base that is the same as yours, be provided with emails, phone numbers, address’s and websites of those who have given their details TO BE CONTACTED & reach out with a value message.

Never Pay For Ads

Why do we pay so much money for running ads for our brand in the very first place? We do it all to generate leads for our business. Profilemate eliminates the need to spend on ads by generating you tens and thousands of leads within a few minutes.

Money-Back Guarantee

Profilemate allows for money-back for the first 14 days if you don’t like the software for whatever reason. And to make the offer even more lucrative, the creator says that if you use this software for 60 days and work with their support team & the creator himself & still don’t get any results, you will get DOUBLE your money back.

Limitations of Profilemate

Like all other software, you do not get all the features in their Front-End product.

Who Is Profilemate For?

Profilemate is useful for any business that is not having a large list of prospective buyers or clients. The most benefited are the following:

  • Affiliate marketers
  • E-commerce store owners
  • Local Marketers
  • Small business owners
  • Medium business owners
  • Startups
  • Network marketers
  • Email marketers
  • CRM’s
  • Businesses with no budget for running ads

Alternatives of Profilemate

When it comes to leads generation, I can only think of LeadsGorilla now. You can read an in-depth review of the software here:

LeadsGorilla Review

Profilemate Review: Conclusion

You should go for Profilemate if you own a small business and need of leads. And you should take action before the Instagram buzz die out like other social media platforms.

Featured Bonuses Offered

When you purchase Profilemate, you will get the following Bonuses from the creator:

Additional Bonuses We Offer

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Bumper Bonuses

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